4 Major Rules for the Best Exterior Home Paint Job

February 01, 2019

By Painters in CT





If you are looking into painting the exterior of your home, you may have noticed that exterior paints are not the most glamorous of paint colors, typically they stick to a more neutral palette. Not to mention the limited range of color selection for front doors and shutters as well. Curb appeal is a very important factor to take into consideration when painting your home, especially if you are painting your house before listing it for the market.

It is important to keep in mind 4 major rules to follow if you are looking to get the best exterior home paint job.

• Consider Front door and Trim colors

• Pay Attention to Your Landscaping’

• Go for Quality of Paint

• Right Temperature & Climate

With these four factors in mind, the task of painting the exterior of your home will be a little easier to tackle.

Freshly painted exterior of home

How many times a day are you walking up and down the stairs of your home thinking to yourself how worn and old the carpet on them is? You probably have wanted to update your stairs for a while but felt like the task was too much work. Good news, it doesn’t have to be! You can easily update your steps by removing old carpet and adding paint! You can even create dimension by painting the incline of steps, which will create a beautiful statement in any home.

Remodeled kitchen

One element you may not realize that you have to consider when painting the exterior of your home is your landscaping. You might want to take a moment to consider the location of your home, elements around it and the curb appeal you are going for. Whether your home sits on a corner or is set back off the street can affect your decision as to what color you want to paint your home. You may also want to consider your neighborhood context, keeping in mind what other houses on your street have done.

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If your home has a retaining wall or is closely surrounded by large, tall trees, then those factors may also play a part in choosing a color palette for your home’s exterior. If your home is surrounded by trees and therefore does not receive a lot of light, you may want to go with a lighter, brighter shade in order to make your house stand out from the shade.

Remodeled bathroom
QUALITY OF THE PAINT ALWAYS MATTERSThe task of exterior painting is no easy feat, and often times homeowners won’t take it on themselves, which is a smart decision. Another smart decision is to not skimp on quality of paint. Yes, exterior paint can be expensive, but having to repaint your home after just getting it done due to poor quality in paint is even more costly. Hiring a team of professionals to do the job right the first time will be less stressful, more efficient and overall provide the best result. An experienced painter will be able to suggest color, brand and quality of paint that is best suited for the style of your home and the material that is being painted.THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE & CLIMATE

You might not realize that the climate you live in can have an impact on the color you choose for your home’s exterior. If you live in a hotter climate, you should probably consider a lighter color because they absorb less heat and light than darker colors.

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Another temperature consideration to take into account is what the weather will be like when scheduling or starting your exterior painting project. Keep in mind that you will need to schedule an exterior paint job for a time frame that is warm and dry. It is important to have a time frame that will allow for the exterior paint to properly dry so that it won’t crack or dry unevenly.

freshly painted bedroom

At Painters in CT, LLC we can help with all your exterior painting needs. Our experienced painters will gladly come out to give you a free estimate for your exterior paint project as well as provide consultation on colors and paint throughout the entire process to ensure you are choosing the best color for your home.

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